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Welcome to Kingston Allergy Research (KAR), a dedicated group of researchers made up of scientific research staff from Queen’s University and health care professionals from the Kingston General Hospital. The group is under the direction of Dr. Anne K. Ellis,an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Queen’s University.

KAR is focused on the discovery and validation of new treatments for allergic rhinitis and are also seeking to identify potential biomarkers of future atopy via cord blood collection. The group as a whole has a combined total of over 100 years in Allergy research and has published several papers on the discovery and validation of new allergic rhinitis treatments. KAR is part of the Canadian Network Centre of Excellence (NCE), “Allergy, Genes and Environment Network” (AllerGen). As a member of this network Kingston Allergy Research is constantly at the leading edge of scientific discoveries related to allergy, asthma and anaphylaxis.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, this group has been working in part since the early 1980’s and was the first to create and validate an Environmental Exposure Unit ( sometimes referred to as an Environmental Exposure Chamber. Also associated with this unit are state of the art lab’s available to the research staff both at Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital.

This website is dedicated to sharing knowledge, answering research questions as well as providing a summary of our group’s competencies. We welcome any and all feedback.